Mind-Body-Emotions Link our cookies work on a deeper level

A healthy mind means a healthy body. Down the ages, health gurus have emphasized the inseparable link between the mind-body harmony. The body is the temple within which the mind can flourish. Both co-exist in a delicate balance- any adverse impact on one immediately affects the other. A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise are key to cultivate a positive mindset, vitality, happiness and joy in daily life. People are becoming victims of serious health issues such as indigestion, depression, insomnia, anxiety and others.
Pollution, global warming, pesticides and toxins used in harvesting and unhygienic livestock breeding have made our food table full of chemicals and other harmful toxins. The best way to resist and fight those diseases is to build strong immunity from within. By introducing some basic components in our diet we can significantly boost our strength and vitality.
Buttons are made using these grains without any preservatives, artificial colours or added flavours, but with love and care. The original family recipe dates back to the 1950s made that uses only farm fresh, organically grown produce. These mouthfuls of flavour and rich taste are designed to boost your vigour and keep you feeling upbeat. The bite-sized goodness of these “buttons” boosts your immunity, provides relief from minor ailments and make you happier. Anytime you are feeling low on energy, simply pop a cookie. This bounty of nature is handcrafted with love, care and kindness to nourish your mind, body and soul.